Non-profit 501 (c)(3) Application Preparation

You have a great idea for a non-profit organization…now what?

A study by the Taxpayer Advocate’s Office found that nearly 40% of recently-formed non-profit organizations were improperly structured, with only a 50% chance of survival to their fifth year. Applying for IRS 501c3 tax exemption can be frustrating and overwhelming, but we can help you avoid costly pitfalls that can put your vision at risk.

What is 501 (c)(3)?

The recognition of your organization as 501c3 tax exempt entity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers many advantages in helping your organization receive donations. Primarily, having an active 501c3 status allows donors to receive a tax deduction, provides grant funding eligibility for the nonprofit, lower postage rates, and increased credibility within the community.

We can help you gain an active exempt status with the IRS, so you can continue on with the mission and objectives of your charitable organization.